Nail Polish Lacquer

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Thixotropic Bases- Formulated without aromatic solvents, Di Butyl Pthalate, Camphor, Formaldehyde resin. These are positioned on a raw material supply chain designed to prevent cross- contamination. Every step of production uses BCP engineered equipment and processes to offer consistent quality from one batch to the next. Final color formulas are extremely fluid, high gloss and offer outstanding ease of application combined with a perfect finish.

Non Thixotropic Bases- Mainly used for the development of nail care products, these are carefully formulated to be high performance and less yellowing.

Glitter Bases– Aromatic solvent free, non- settling and perfectly adapted to a high glitter content.


Available Sheens: Gloss, Dull rubbed, Pigmented

Available Colors: Customized

Resin Type:Nitrocellulose

Recommended Use: Cosmetics