Commitment- Our plant has all Eco-friendly automated facilities and we manufacture products without harming our environment- as we strongly believe in the concept of Green chemistry. We strongly follow our commitment towards nature and towards our customers. A dedicated team of chemical engineers and technicians work with perseverance to ensure the best quality product through sophisticated infrastructure facility in our plant. Thanks to our sophisticated and advanced infrastructure equipped with technological automated plants, we have been able to cater to our customers’ needs in a most satisfactory manner.



                          QQuality- Innovation is our key policy which means always striving for higher performance. All of our chemicals are tried and tested by our team of expert technicians. We ensure that innovation is a constant and that quality control throughout the development process results in a perfectly matched production.Product quality is a DNA of our company. And we strongly believe that in order to survive in today’s competitive world, every company has to accord top most priority on the quality of its products. Quality is vital for the products as it ensures the satisfaction of the clients.




Strategy- Our team is committed to develop innovative ingredients, technologies, platforms and partnerships to create chemical components that delight ourcustomers. We believe in developing and supplying high-quality, renewable products delivered with world-class service.We are honored to cultivate longstanding, strategic partnerships with customers through truly bespoke service. BCP’s longstanding expertise in Nail Polish formulation allows us to produce a highly technical Nail Polish with the best possible cosmetic qualities.